It’s time to imagine your future. Choosing a major in Print Media and Packaging Technologies is just the beginning.

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Print Media and Packaging Technologies

Print communication is a massive, fascinating industry. To become a qualified specialist in this field means to become a technical engineer, creative designer, and capable business executive all at the same time. Hochschule der Medien offers you the right conditions to become an excellent media specialist.

We are proud to announce that Hochschule der Medien is ranked № 8 among the most popular Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany, and “Print Media and Packaging Technologies” is one of the very rare Bachelors of Engineering programs in Germany entirely taught in English. The placement rate is 100%.

Our program “Print Media and Packaging Technologies” is aimed toward the future with an especially diverse body of students at one of the best-equipped educational institutions in the world.

Here you will find the information to take advantage of our unique program and start your life in Germany. We are confident that studying Print Media and Packaging Technologies will be the best decision you ever made.

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Our professors have interdisciplinary and strong interpersonal skills. They treat all staff, colleagues and students with respect. They cooperate with national and international research institutions, educational and cultural institutions, and companies. 

Our professors not only have an academic background, but have all held leading positions in the industry. As our students have diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds our professors make sure that the implementation of equal opportunities and principles relating to gender and diversity in all areas of university are observed. They make sure that the transfer of knowledge and technology, will enable students to peruse a professional and personal development.

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Our students are being taught by academic staff members who are knowledgeable and skilled at a much more advanced level than the level being taught. All members of the team have been chosen through an assessment of formal academic qualifications, equivalent professional experience or a combination of both. They have different backgrounds in engineering and come from various backgrounds. They know the challenges our students face, make an outstanding contribution to our study programme, provide organisational support in interdisciplinary area and give advisory on many studies related issues.

Comfort Aleni (MSc)
International Student Advisor
Matthias Galus (Dipl.-Ing. FH)
Laboratory engineer
Antonia Götz (MSc)
Laboratory engineer, PhD student
Sebastian Paul (BSc)
Laboratory engineer
Matthias Sonsalla
Student Services

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PMT graduate Laura Cirstea was awarded the University Prize.

On the occasion of the graduation ceremony on 28 July 2023, PMT graduate Laura Cirstea was awarded the University Prize. Ms. Cristea received this prestigious award because she graduated with the best grade at HdM during the last semester. She was presented with prize money

PMTs’ visit to L.E.G.O (Legatoria Editionale Giovanni Olivotto)

Our visit to L.E.G.O (Legatoria Editionale Giovanni Olivotto) on 19 May 2023 Founded in 1900, Legatoria Editoriale Giovanni Olivotto L.E.G.O. S.p.A. is present in the printing and bookbinding market with its two factories in Vicenza and Lavis (TN). L.E.G.O operates worldwide with a highly diversified

PMTs’ visit to Gruppo Padovana

Our visit to Gruppo Padovana on 18 May 2023 Since 1983 Gruppo Padovana has been operating in the binding and graphic packaging services sector and is one of the largest in North Italy.  Their strength has always been to provide the customer with a complete service, proposing