Graduates: Christopher Aras,  Laura Cirstea and Anna Kolesova.

Graduates: Mohammad Zeeshan Mehmood, Pia Müller, Bargav Thesiya and Baqer Marayati

Dean's speech

 to the first graduating students of the PMT course.

The PMT major welcomes students from all over the world. They have different backgrounds, experience in various industries, speak multiple languages and contribute to the cultural exchange within the major. One thing, however, they all have in common is their passion for learning and drive to be successful. Their stories and journeys to becoming PMT Students are unique and, frankly, deserved to be put on full display! Click here to listen to our radio podcast to find out more.

Ebrahim Al-Aghbari | Yemen

Ross Ainslie | UK

Will Smith | UK

First Semester PMT Students 2023
First Semester PMT Students 2022
First Semester PMT Students 2021

Sarah Schumacher, a Print Media Technologies student, presents OUR latest Project at HDM’s Media Night.

Anna | Bosch Gmbh

Anand | Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Zeeshan | Meccanotecnica Group

Hunter | How HdM prepared me to start an international printing business.