Elementary & Main Study

All of the courses offered at Hochschule der Medien (University of Applied Sciences in Media) are credit rated. The program runs over 7 semesters (3 ½ years), and each semester is worth 30 credit points, which are obtained by successfully passing examinations. To be awarded the B.Eng. qualification, you must accumulate a total of 210 credits (ECTS).

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To spur careers, the program in Print Media and Packaging Technologies offers practical experience during the 5th semester providing the opportunity for students to attend a six-month internship within the industry, which is crucial to be able to find attractive employment.

  • In-depth Cultural Immersion
  • Skills Acquisition
  • Personal Development
  • Exploration of Possible Career Paths
  • Preparation for Future Job Placements
  • Language Development

Our Executive Internship Program gets you working on real projects within multinational organizations interacting with business executives in the field of media and media engineering.

You will be mentored and groomed to be able to lead any multinational organization into global markets. Note that an internship abroad is primarily intended to be a learning experience.

Your performance will be appraised and evaluated for constructive feedbacks. Get challenging roles which get the best out of you. Take learning to the next level when you join our internship projects in Baden-Wuerttemberg or abroad!

Check out what our students have experienced during their internship.


Nubia | P&G

Laura | OPTIMA Packaging Group

Alessandro | DEPUY SYNTHES

Anna | BOSCH

Hammad | GMG COLOR

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