The DAAD Prize has been awarded for over ten years now and comes with prize money of €1,000 per university. The aim is to give faces to the many international students at German universities and link them with their stories. This illustrates that each international student takes a piece of Germany back to their homeland when they return, and also leaves something of themselves in Germany – thus enriching both parties.

We are pleased that this year’s award goes to Tuna Çandır, a student enrolled in the undergraduate programme “Bachelor of Engineering in Print Media Technologies”. Tuna is currently in his 3rd semester. Tuna is from Turkey and studied Computer Programming at Marmara University in Istanbul before being admitted to the Hochschule der Medien.

Tuna is a proactive and socially engaged student with a strong academic focus.
From left to right: Prof. Dr. Volker Jansen, Tuna Çandır, Carolina Hantke.

Check out the interview with Tuna:

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