This book was written as part of an interdisciplinary student project of the study program Print and Media Technology at the Hochschule der Medien under the direction of Professor Volker Jansen with the support of numerous sponsors, friends and supporters of the university. Many people who have immigrated to Baden-Württemberg over the past decades have successfully integrated themselves. The diversity of our society has become everyday and lived interculturality is a matter of course for many citizens. It shapes interethnic coexistence, and in view of a progressive Europeanization, an economic integration of Baden-Württemberg in the global structure, the development of good interethnic relations and the acquisition of intercultural competence for social and labor market reasons is of great importance.

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Technical Facts:  Edition: 350 copies; Format: 30.0 cm x 30.0 cm; Page Count 132 pages; Printing process: Inkjet, Offset; Material: rough warmwhite (metapaper)
Features: Printed cover fabric (offset); inkjet printed content; lay-flat perfect binding
Participants: Ugur Alpay, Darja Busch, Tessa-Merijana Cubelic, Simone Früh, Deniz Güzel, Christoph Heckel, Sarah Lampke, Lisa Liu, Christopher Reindt, Adrian Rojas, Sofie Ruenz, Lucas Schmidt, Lennart Schreiner, Mueberra Simsek, Timo Wenzel
Supervision: Prof. Volker Jansen

Sponsors: wps photography (Stgt. Ludwigsburg), soldan communication (Stuttgart), Straub Druck + Medien AG (Schramberg), Kösel GmbH (Altusried-Krugzell), Ribler GmbH (Stuttgart), Metapaper (Stuttgart), hinderer + mühlich GmbH (Göppingen), Peyer Graphic GmbH (Leonberg), Eska Graphic Board (NL: Sappemeer), Manfrotto Distribution GmbH (Cologne), Multiblitz Mannesmann GmbH (Cologne), Carl Zeiss AG (Oberkochen), Nikon GmbH (Dusseldorf), FujiFilm Germany (Düsseldorf)

ISBN: 978-3-945495-10-0