Technical Centre - Variable Data

“My name is Mohammad Zeeshan Mehmood, and I come from Brescia, a city situated in the North of Italy – my parents however, come from Pakistan. I lived in the UK for 5 years, where I completed my A-levels, after which I moved to Germany, to study Print Media Technologies at Hochschule der Medien.

So why did I come here? The answer is very simple: This study course is unique in Europe. You are simply not going to find anywhere else, an inter-national study course that integrates Engineering, Business and Design with print and media and has a big focus on the future.

What fascinates me the most, is the rise and potential of variable data printing (VDP). It is one of the key printing technologies that will play a huge role in the future. It allows individualised and personalised products to be printed in one go at full printing speed, without having to stop the machine. Nowadays, with the increase in usage of social media, it is important to connect with customers all around the world by reflecting their personal values and interests. Hence, many areas in the industry are increasingly using this method to produce a variety of products, ranging from postcards and brochures to packaging.

We are very happy to have a digital press here, the HP Indigo. Therefore, I decided to take a closer look by working with our professors in the digital printing department. Here, I am responsible for processing orders from our fellow students via the Web2Print shop and operating the HP Indigo press as well as our inkjet machine to print these orders according to their needs.”

Something personal!

Digital Printing is used to print variable data. It is employed for individualized or personalized products. This includes commercial print products, advertising, labels, film or flexible packaging. It involves sending an image directly to the printer using digital files such as PDFs. Digital printing allows on-demand print-ing, and variable data printing for individualized and personalized products.

Variable data printing is also known as variable information printing or variable imaging. This is a form of digital printing, in which elements such as text, graphics and images are changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the printing process. Variable Data Printing goes hand in hand with the Internet. Images may be modified or exchanged by using a server based Internet platform.

The global commercial printing market is poised for substantial growth over the next seven years. Individualised printing in advertising, packaging and commercial, will respond to new product needs of business customers.

There is a trend to advanced digital high-speed inkjet technology and complex toner based systems using variable data and allowing the creation of individu-alised and personalised print. This trend is due to the fact that printed mailings are identified as a more effective way to receive a higher individual customer response. At HdM we feature a HP Indigo 5r digital press.