Technology Centre - Rotogravure

“My name is Baqer. I come from Kurdistan, north of Iraq. My family runs a printing business – one of the reasons that made me study Print Media Technologies. 

I have chosen Germany and specifically the Hochschule der Medien because it is one of the few universities that teaches Print Media Technologies in English and features a large technology centre with state of the art equipment. The program offers many great opportunities for students who are interested in graphic communication. 

At the moment the most fascinating technology I am working with is rotogravure. This technology provides a high print quality standard which is required for décor and packaging printing. The university features a rather large Bobst Rotomec MW 60 web press. We also have the technological environment to engrave gravure cylinders on site. This is unique for an educational university.

Studying in Germany is worth every minute and above all good fun. The university offers many interesting projects which involve the industry. We go on many excursions and have the opportunity to learn from the industry as well.

No teasing – please!

Rotogravure is used for large volume printing applications. It is used in pack-aging and décor printing, anything which needs a continuous design. A typical application is packaging of gummy bears. Apart from that, every big name catalogue, many famous newspapers and high quality packages are produced in gravure printing.

Large copper plated steel cylinders are engraved with a given design. The cylinder is partially immersed in the ink tray, filling the recessed cells.

As the cylinder rotates, it draws excess ink onto its surface and into the cells. Next, the substrate gets sandwiched between the impression roller and the gravure cylinder: this is where the ink gets transferred from the recessed cells to the web.

Our rotogravure machine is the Rotomec MW 60 from Bobst, Enulec and BST eltromat. At our university, we prepare the printing cylinders with diamond and laser engraving.