Print Media Technologies – Excellence in Education

Print Media Technologies is an English taught Bachelor Programme of Engineering at a top university you can be proud to be part of.

Hochschule der Medien has been rated number 8 of the top 10 Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany. We offer an unbeatable student experience, excellence in teaching and research. We help you to build the future you want.

We promote diversity, individuality and innovation.

Diversity of experience, thought and perspective enriches our university and the lives of our students. Diversity and innovation are essential parts of our continuous development as an international institution. The Bachelor programme in Print Media Technologies is designed to produce informed leaders and practitioners on media issues and to endow students with advanced technologies, critical-thinking and public-speaking skills.

Hochschule der Medien consistently invests in cutting-edge technologies and drives research and development of innovative printing systems. The Bachelor programme in Print Media Technologies focuses firmly on packaging printing systems & workflows, on commercial & variable data printing systems, and on industrial printing technologies such as 3 D printing.

Graduates enjoy brilliant careers in the media industry, which include technical, management, marketing, and senior positions across the world. The placement rate is 100%.

We are considered the best-equipped university in Germany specialising in media technologies.

In common with all programmes at Hochschule der Medien, the Bachelor degree programme in Print Media Technologies is credit rated. The programme runs over 7 terms (3 ½ years). Each term requires you to achieve 30 credit points. To be awarded the B.Eng. qualification, you need to accumulate a total of 210 credits (ECTS).