Why Hochschule der Medien?

Hochschule der Medien is located in the most innovative region of the European Union. With 138 patent applications per 100,000 inhabitants, Baden-Wuerttemberg is far above the German average of 59. Our companies profile the South-West of Germany globally as an ideal location for industry, business and science.

Hochschule der Medien aims at securing and strengthening the position of Baden-Wuerttemberg’s media industry over the long term – by encouraging and helping students to settle here and promoting cooperative ventures between the media industry and world-leading businesses. We also help companies and organisations to recruit the graduates they need.

Internationally operating media companies are always involving in marketing, media and printing.

These companies are publishers, packaging manufacturers, large businesses involving corporate publishing, brand owners, components and auxiliary industries, consulting firms, educational institutions and large industrial corporates, all with global activities.

Print Media Technologies is a wide-ranging programme which explores new technologies, research, creativity, problem solving helping businesses to prosper globally.

The programme provides the creative, analytical and transferable skills necessary to succeed in this increasingly dynamic, evolving media world.

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