General Student Services

The university is committed to inclusion and equality. We aim to remove the barriers that students may face in their studies, and support them to work as independently as possible. Hochschule der Medien offers extra resources to ensure long term success both professionally and academically.

Student advisers provide guidance on how to fund costs related to studying in Germany, and will assist International students with inquiries about visas and other immigration matters.

Counselors at our didactic center support the health and well-being of students by listening to them and helping them with learning difficulties.

Our specialists at the university’s language center deliver professional language courses and provide assistance to all students in their pursuit of improving language skills.

Our center for accommodation and support services office provide help to international students in finding accommodation. To help them, answer your housing inquiry as quickly as possible, please ensure that you complete all the relevant details in your application.

Services may be subject to a service fee.

For more information please contact our staff.

Frequently asked questions: