Dates in the summer semester 2022

Dates in the summer semester 2022
Notes: Deadlines printed in bold or marked with * are cut-off deadlines. The Hochschule der Medien expressly reserves the right to make
changes to deadlines in compliance with any existing legal requirements. The currently valid schedule is published and available for download
under “Official Announcements” on the homepage of the University’s intranet. This English version has been translated automatically and is
for information purposes only. The German version is legally binding.

For information: Winter semester 01.09. to 28.02. or summer semester 01.03. to 31.08. (administrative semester)

Important note: Due to the Corona pandemic, official university communications on the Corona situation must be
followed continuously.

In accordance with the amendments to the State University Act, the deadline for completing the basic studies has been extended (detailed
information in § 9 Para. 5 and 6 Study and Examination Regulations).
28.02.22 – 11.03.22        Block courses of summer semester 2022 – Please note announcements of the programme directors
14.03.22                           Welcoming of new enrolments in the degree programmes, please note planning in the timetable system
15.03.22                           First day of lectures: Start of regular lectures for all students
14.03.22*                        Announcement of the transcript of records by online query. In justified exceptional cases, the respective
                                          examination administration will issue the transcript of records by 18.03.22.
14.03. – 18.03.22*       Special re-registration period for students who had intended to graduate but did not do so due to nonattendance at examinations or failed                                                    examinations.
21.03. – 25.03.22           Possibility to inspect the assessment of examinations of the examination procedure of the winter semester 2021/2022.
25.03.22*                         Last date for submitting an internship contract for the current semester
01.04.22*                         Last date for submitting the documents for the recognition of the completed internship semester
19.04.22*                         End of the deadline for
                                          – Objections to the assessment of examinations whose inspection took place in the winter
                                             semester 2021/2022; applications are to be submitted in writing with detailed reasons to the chairperson of
                                             the examination board of the relevant faculty.
                                          – Written registration of second repeat examinations in the Examination Administration Office
25.04 – 01.05.22*         Online registration of examinations and written registration of first repeat examinations, which are
                                          taken as voluntary repeat examinations during the practical study semester. Students who are in an attendance
                                          semester are registered for first repeat examinations ex officio.
04.05.22*                        End of the deadline for
                                         – Complaining about and correcting faulty examination registrations in the examination administration
                                         – Applications for the recognition of study and examination achievements of newly enrolled
                                           students or achievements made during a semester abroad in the summer semester 2021.
                                         – the submission of applications for disadvantage compensation in accordance with § 32 Para. 2 SPO
23.05. – 03.06.22           Online evaluation of courses
07.06. – 10.06.22          No lectures (last lecture day 03.06.22; first lecture day 13.06.22)
17.06.22*                       End of the deadline for
                                        – Withdrawal from registered examinations and oral examinations in accordance with § 17 Para. 1 SPO
                                        – the conversion of an examination performance registered for the first time into an additional module
24.06.22*                      End of the deadline for
                                        – the leave of absence in winter semester 2022/2023 (except for illness, maternity leave or care of a relative),
                                        – the application for postponement of the practical semester for students who fulfil the requirements for
                                          the practical semester in winter semester 2022/2023 but have not been offered a place, for example. If no such
                                         application is submitted, the student will still be included in the practical semester with all consequences. Students
                                         who do not fulfil the requirements for entry into the practical study semester will be placed in an attendance
                                         semester ex officio for the winter semester 2022/2023.
01.07.22                        End of the courses
04.07.22                        Start of the examination procedure (about 3 weeks). In the event of illness, a medical certificate with sufficiently
                                       detailed reasons must be submitted to the Faculty Examination Committee without delay (date of receipt stamp) (§ 17
                                        Para. 3 SPO).
01.08.22                        End of the re-registration period for the winter semester 2022/2023
19.09. – 30.09.22        Block courses of the winter semester 2022/2023 – Please note the announcements of the programme directors