Printed products that inspire!

At the Antalis roadshow, Europe’s leading paper, packaging and visual communications group will showcase brand new and unusual paper and paperboard products and unique apps. Innovative student projects, carried out jointly with the Hochschule der Medien (HdM), are included. Book projects of the degree program Printing and Media Technology. With a total of eight projects, the HdM will be represented at the roadshow. Two of the works were created during the two-semester project internship of the study program Print and Media Technology. The book “Do Not Open This Book” is based on a fantastic text by British author Andrew Weale. As an illustration, the students, together with a team of professionals, including photographer Wolf-Peter Steinheisser and actor Curd Berger, who served as a model, went to Schloss Remseck, where the photos for the book were taken.

The concept of the book forms a symbiosis of image and text and inspires not only Prof. Volker Jansen, Dean of Studies of the course, in whose lecture it was created. Author Andrew Weale, who has worked with HdM students for the third time, is also very pleased with the result: “I would like to thank the students for their incredible work. Without her brilliant ideas and her hard work (…), my text would still be in a drawer!”

The book was completely realized at the HdM and produced, only the thread stitching took over the Kösel GmbH in Altusried-Krugzell.

Volume: 850 Ex.
Format: 26 cm x 41 cm
Length: 80 Pages
Printing Methods: Offset (Content), Screen (Cover)
Material: Olin rough (Content)/Curious Matter (Cover)
Supervisor: Prof. Volker Jansen
Participants: Marius Debelt, Christian Fischer, Raphael Funkert, Dominique Kleindienst, Sabrina Lang, Johannes Schneitz, Raphael Stecher, Jens Zehnder
Andrew Weale (London, Great Britain)
Curd Berger (Stuttgart)
wps photography (Stgt.-Ludwigsburg)
soldan kommunikation (Stuttgart)
Ines Hartwig (Wendelstein)
Kösel GmbH (Altusried-Krugzell)

Promote early cooperation with industry.

“You can look forward to six innovative print products,” reveals Jansen in relation to the work. Furthermore, he is happy about the great learning effect that the students have through practical work. It is important to him to show the students how to turn an idea into a salable product. The “learning by doing” also meets with very positive feedback from the industry. “The companies are very interested in producing productive collaborations early in their studies, which at best result in employment after graduation,” says Jansen.